Police IT-trainers from Slupsk and Oranienburg meet for a second time

EU Programm Erasmus+

Four experts of the IT-training-department of the University of Applied Police Sciences of the Brandenburg State benefited form the ERASMUS+ programme by paying a visit to the Police School of Slupsk from 18 September until 21 September 2017.  The German delegation was warmly welcomed by the Polish side and enjoyed the spirit of the typical great hospitality in Poland and a perfectly arranged and organized schedule from the first moment on. Last autumn, the University of Applied Police Sciences had the pleasure to welcome five IT-trainer from Slupsk in Oranienburg. This time, IT trainers from Oranienburg travelled abroad to improve their knowledge.     

The commander of the Slupsk Police School welcomed the German delegation on the first day in a very friendly manner and the commander also later showed great interest for the feedback of the German delegation at the end of the visit before they departed from Slupsk. The German delegation learned a lot about the IT landscape of the Polish Police Forces and about the police training in Slupsk during this visit.

There are of course many similarities and differences as well in using IT for policing tasks.

It was exciting for the German delegation to see what a country wide case processing and information system looks like. This system can be imagined as a combination of the German case processing system ComCor and the information systems POLAS, INPOL Zentral, the Schengen Information System and of several databases. The possibility to check the identity of citizens with access to the Polish registration office (with portrait photo) by using handheld devises is an interesting solution.

The data input into these Polish systems is always done by specially trained experts of the Polish police forces. These officers are usually superiors of the operative level or IT experts. 

The German delegation visited several police departments in Gdansk to understand the case working methods of forensic experts in the area of cyber crime.  The central assignment control system can be found inside the control centre of the voivodeship in Gdansk. It is quite similar to the ELBOS system of the German Brandenburg state and is also capable to locate operating resources. Public sites of relevance for policing issues can be surveyed widely by CCTV in Poland.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The German delegation has had the chance to gain an inside view of the IT work of the Polish Police Forces, therefore the German side looks forward to host another visit of Polish police colleagues here at the University of Applied Police Forces of the Brandenburg State in Oranienburg. There has been many times mentioned a great interest from both sides in an ongoing and close cooperation.