Town Twinning between Mělník and Oranienburg on the (slightly different) police level

Leiter des Internationalen Zentrums bei der Vorstellung der FHPol

All the German students returning from Mělník to the University of Applied Police Sciences of the Brandenburg State always express their gratitude for the great commitment of the police stations of the Czech Republic to offer them an insiders view of the police work there.

The University of Applied Police Sciences in Oranienburg had the pleasure to host a visit of the  Mělník Police between 25 and 27 September 2017. Members of the Czech delegation were police officers of higher ranks of the states police and of the city police of Mělník. The organizational structure of the police forces of our Czech neighbour country is different from the German police structure of the Brandenburg state. The Czech city police is quite similar to “our” police but organized in a more hierarchical manner, the city police belongs to the municipal community and is supervised by the city mayor. The city police is comparable to the German public order office.

The University of Applied Police Sciences of the Brandenburg State arranged a very intense programme for the visiting delegation. It was in the intention of the host institution to inform the guest precisely about the recruiting process for future police officers, the study offers, the further education training and the vocational training programme as well. Aspects of community policing, establishing a positive relationship between police and the people of Oranienburg was another topic of interest for our guests as well as the inner police cooperation within the forces itself.

The presentation of the work of the district police of the Police Inspection Oberhavel by Jeannette Schulze and team became one of the highlights for our visitors. The public order office, represented by Steffen Burkhardt, was also present during this coming together between colleagues from different nations and expressed his openness for questions of the delegation. It was interesting to learn for all participants how responsibilities of authorities were similar and different as well. All participating sides expressed the necessity of working closely together and emphasised the great benefit of such an exchange of knowledge and experience. 

The visit of the delegation took place in a very lively atmosphere with many questions and answers coming from both sides. This visit again made clear to all participating sides the great importance and benefit of an exchange programme between different police forces and policing institutions in Europe. That students of the University of Applied Police Sciences of the Brandenburg State will have the opportunity to enjoy police internship in Mělník in the coming years again, is just another positive effect of this great relationship between Oranienburg and Mělník.

We would like to thank all our partners and the persons in charge of logistics in Oranienburg who helped to make this visit of the Czech delegation a success.