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Die alten Schulterklappen haben ausgedient

(08.10.18) Polizei wächst weiter: 127 Anwärterinnen und Anwärter schließen Ausbildung oder Studium ab

Erasmus+ Austausch mit der Polizei des Kosovo

(18.09.18) Erasmus+ Austausch mit der Polizei des Kosovo zur Teilnahme am Seminar „Verhalten in Extremsituationen“

Hotel Information and how to get there


Hotel rooms are being kept on hold for the attendees of this conference in three different hotels until September 21, 2018. Please book your accomodation before this date if you would like to book a room in one of these hotels at the special conference rate listed below.

  1. Stadthotel Oranienburg, Andrè-Pican-Straße 23, D-16515 Oranienburg
    Telephone number +49-3301-6900
    Booking keyword: 20.137.504 (please provide upon booking, as this identifies the booking as belonging to our booking package)
    Email: info [at] stadthotel-oranienburg.de
    Price: 65€ including breakfast, per person and night
  2. H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte, Chausseestraße 118, D-10115 Berlin,
    Telephone number +49-03278755-0
    Booking keyword : HRC2018
    Email: berlin.mitte [at] h-hotels.com
    Price: 105€ including breakfast, per person and night
  3. H2 Hotels Berlin Alexanderplatz, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 32, D-10178 Berlin
    Telephone number +49-302408801-0
    Booking keyword: HRC2018
    Email: berlin.h2 [at] h-hotels.com
    Price: 99€ including breakfast, per person and night


How to get to the conference:

Oranienburg is the las stop of commuter train (Sbahn) S1. It takes 40-50 minutes from Berlin city centre to Oranienburg.

The Stadthotel in Oranienburg is close to the conference location (Brandenburg University of Applied Police Sciences), i.e. about 15 minutes by foot. Hence we recommend staying at the Stadthotel in Oranienburg. We also offer a shuttle service from the hotel to the conference.


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